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13.10.2008   CTK, Prague - "Czech parties do not react to anti-corruption NGO call" The Czech senior ruling Civic Democrats (ODS) and opposition Social Democrats (CSSD) have not reacted to the appeal by Pink Panther, an NGO fighting against corruption, and have not provided information on the costs of their campaigns before the forthcoming regional elections, the NGO told CTK today (read more here).
The organisation said that other parties in the Chamber of Deputies, the Communists (KSCM), the Christian Democrats (KDU-CSL) and the Greens, have provided such information though not complete.

Of other political parties addressed by Pink Panther only the SNK ED extra-parliamentary association and the Independent Mayors for Regions group have answered the organisation's call.

"Since it is public finances it is impossible to keep this information secret," Pink Panther spokeswoman Iveta Jordanova told CTK, adding that the organisation replica watches would again ask for the information.

The Civic Democrats were the only party not to have reacted to the organisation's call at all while the CSSD refused to provide such information.

The KDU-CSL said it had spent 24 million crowns on the campaign, including 20 million from the state budget.

The Communists have allotted over 16 million crowns but they did not say how much money originated from the state budget.

The Greens spent 12.5 million crowns for their campaign.

The SNK ED has allotted 13 million crowns, including 11 million from the state budget.

The Independent Mayor for Regions have spent about 3.8 million crowns.

The ODS said in September, when it launched its campaign before the elections to the regional assemblies scheduled for October 17-18, that it was planning to spend up to 60 million crowns on the campaign.

The CSSD planned to spend approximately the same amount of money.

Some Greens representatives said in September that the regional elections could cost the party up to 20 million crowns.

(USD1=18.362 Czech crowns)